Full Tilt Street Rods offers the finest hot rod Mustang II IFS front end parts and accessories including tubular upper and lower control arms, and crossmembers, for your classic Ford, Chevy or Dodge, cars or trucks, including Hub-to-Hub Mustang II IFS independent front suspensions, 4-bar and 4-link rear suspensions, parallel leaf-springs, air bags, coilovers and more!


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 We're now offer complete rear ends from mild to wild...
Bare housings to complete rear ends with or without brakes... 
You name it, we'll make it happen!


'62 - '67 Chevy Nova Parallel 4-Bar Rear Kit w/Panhard Bar

 Brand New and Unique to Full Tilt!

     Starting at  ONLY   $1999.95 + S&H (not including optional axle housing shown)

Without Subframe Connector Kit - $1799.95

Click HERE for many more pictures and details


       Parallel 4-Bar Rear Kits w/Panhard Bar

  '53-'56 Ford F-100 & '55-'59 Chevy Trucks

     ONLY   $499.95 + S&H (not including ShockWaves)

click small pics below  for larger views, then
CALL 970-255-8890 to order YOURS!

'53-'56 Ford Truck Parallel 4-Bar Rear Click HERE for installation guide

'47-'54 Chevy Trucks    

$599.95 + S&H (not including ShockWaves)

Click HERE for installation guide


click small pics at right  for larger views, then
CALL 970-255-8890 to order YOURS!

Universal Parallel 4-Bar Kit (with Panhard Bar)

       $425.95 + S&H (with Panhard bar)

Our universal Parallel 4-bar kit features 1" OD .188-wall, adjustable bars with polyurethane bushing kit and all hardware. 

To Order Call 970-255-8890

RIGHT: Wanna add stability to your existing leaf-spring or 4-bar rear suspension setup?  You can now order our Panhard Bar Kit separately.  We'll cut the 1" .188-wall DOM tubing to any length you need!  $99.95 + S&H  Give us a call at 970-255-8890 to order yours today!

Complete Universal Triangulated 4-Bar Kits start at only  $399.95 + S&H

Click HERE for more pics & info!

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Here's our great new Rear Leaf-Spring Kit for '53-'56 Ford F-100 Trucks!  The unique shackle-less design keeps you rolling smooth but lo-o-o-w!  Ride height is controlled simply by where you mount the slider bracket on the frame...  Easy deal!
Only $625.00 + S&H!      
                                                               Click the pics above and below for larger views

We also offer the new Shackle-less Rear Leaf Suspension for '55-'59 Chevys!

Complete Chevy kit pictured: just $625.00 + S&H
   Sorry, temporarily unavailable.


We've had so many requests for this system's shackle-less leaf-spring sliders that we now offer them separately in pairs, and you can order them right here online! Your 2-1/2-inch-wide springs will ride with incredible smoothness on the sliders' sealed bearings. And they'll never wear out like rubber bushings do. In fact we offer a lifetime warranty on the bearing assemblies.

Order your leaf-spring sliders for just $125/pair + S&H

Note: All prices subject to change without notice.